What would a blog called “Coffee Table Hacks” be like without a coffee table?  So, I thought a good place to start would be to build a coffee table!  As my first adventure with woodworking, it has been few months in the making.  I am finally ready for the big reveal. First, we’ll start with the final product.  My design goal was to incorporate an aspect of wine (another hobby).  This gave way to a wine rack hanging below the glass table top.

Final Table (1 of 2)   Final Table (2 of 2)

As a shameless plug, I have been taking classes in woodworking at the Washington DC-area Tech Shop (www.techshop.ws).  I started by sketching the design out.  A friend had plenty of extra raw oak lumber that I was able to use.



Once a design was established, I had to use a jointer, planer, and table saw to cut the raw lumber into flat planks of useful wood.





I decided to use mortise and tenon joints for the table legs, aprons, and wine rack supports.  I was fortunate enough to have access to a chisel-hallow mortiser to cut the 1/2″ mortise holes.  The tenons were cut with a band saw.



Having only 3/4″ planks of lumber, I had laminate (3) planks together to form the 2″ x 2″ legs.  Once the joints and legs were cut, I was able to glue all the base pieces together.



The wine racks were cut out using a ShopBot Alpha CNC machine. This thing was incredible!! While I do not have photos of the top, I used a table router to cut the 3/8″ edge round-overs and a 1/4″ rabbet for the glass tabletop to sit in.  All that was left to do is stain!!